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[Changelog] 2017.12.21

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis: 

We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 21 December 2017 at [UTC-5] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time.
Use @time in-game. The server will be down for 15-60 minutes.
 Sorry for the amount of spoilers! Otherwise changelog would be way to long.. 



Christmas Events:

  • Christmas Celebration - MVP & Giveaway! [click here]
  • Rudolph and his shiny nose - Our light in the dark. [click here]
  • Snow Flowers - Mr. & Mrs. Claus. [click here]
  • Broken Sleigh - Help Giftson to restore the sleigh before it's too late! [click here]
  • Christmas Cheer - Mrs. Claus needs help! [click here]
  • Crystal's arrival - Find Crystal around Rune-Midgard and receive a little treat. [click here]

LSC/Loading Screen Contest:

  • Create a Loading Screen for Ragnaclan and win a nice reward! [click here]

Gold Amber Special:

  • Gold Amber Jackpot available until first maintenance in 2018. "Notice me Teddy".
  • The headgear rotates on your head depending on your head position.
    It has a death animation shown as in the picture.
    • yjP34p1.gif
  • Additionally we added some new costumes and items:

    Costumes added:
    Dx39ctw.png Costume: Sweet Bonnet
    6rP96jZ.png Costume: Poring Letter 
    bRYpguX.png Costume: Loose Wave Twin White
    v0Qzbiu.pngCostume: Straight Pony White

    Items added:

    - Yggdrasil Seed 2x
    - Wrapped Mask 1x
    - Big Defense Potion Box 10x
    - Jewelry Box 1x
    - Big Magic Potion Box 10x



Without the players supporting the server so much we would not be able to provide the amount of proxies we have, 
the frequent client, gepard and andro improvements. We would like to thank our players that helped us to sustain the server since opening.
As such we will give out a little giveaway to everyone that donated a total amount of 25$ to the server starting from December 1. until December 31. 

Please message Daifuku in the forum, discord or ingame to collect it.

Giveaway preview: 



Maintenance 2017.12.21

Cash Shop Fixes/Updates:
Crate Updates: (!) some crate headgears will be removed / added.

  • DqBx55p.gif Hersir Crate:
    • Black Tail Ribbon [1] added.
    • RTC First Place [1] added.
    • Ancient Gold Ornament [1] added. *spoiler for more info as it's modified.

       Id: 18570
       AegisName: "Ancient_Gold_Deco"
       Name: "Ancient Gold Ornament"
       Type: 5
       Buy: 56000
       Weight: 400
       Def: 1
       Slots: 1
       Job: {
        All: true
        Novice: false
       Upper: 56
       Loc: 256
       EquipLv: 10
       View: 739
       Trade: {
        noselltonpc: true
       Script: <"
        if(BaseLevel == 99) {
         bonus bAllStats,1;
        if(BaseClass==Job_Swordman||BaseClass==Job_Merchant||BaseClass==Job_Thief) {
         bonus bAtkRate, 7;
        if(BaseClass==Job_Mage||BaseClass==Job_Acolyte) {
         bonus bMatkRate,7;
         bonus bHealPower,6;
        if(BaseClass==Job_Archer) {
         bonus bDex,1;
         bonus bLongAtkRate,7;

  • INqkLfQ.gif Merkirs Crate:
    • CD in mouth [0] added.
    • Ship Captain Hat [1] added.
    • Reginrev's Wings [0] added.
    • Black Frame Glasses [0] removed.
  • d4PtVOT.gif Aesir Crate:
    • Gangster Scarf [0] added.
    • Pirate Dagger [0] added.
    • Purple Cowboy Hat [0] added.
    • Koneko Hat [0] added.
    • Donut In Mouth [0] added.
    • Choco Donut In Mouth [0] added.
    • Hyuke's Black Cat Ears [0] added.
    • 4Leaf Clover In Mouth [0] removed.
    • Scarlet Rose [0] removed.
    • Ramen Hat [0] removed. *still obtainable from battlegrounds
    • Tam [1] removed. *still obtainable from battlegrounds
    • Cat Ear Beret [0] removed. *still obtainable from battlegrounds
    • Bell Ribbon [1] removed.
  • H2gL7Oc.gif Vanir Crate:
    • Vanir Crate has been removed.
    • Some headgears from the Vanir Crate have been moved to Aesir Crate.
    • Some headgears will be added to quest headgears in @go clan in the future.
  • November sale unboxing removed [old changelog]
  • December %SALE%
    • 40% off all cash shop aQbvjjg.gifpets - they will be replaced with new ones next maintenance. 
  • The 'Event' tab got new headgears, these will be removed with our first maintenance in 2018. 



WoE System Fixes/Updates:

  • Sunday War of Emperium will be added 2018.01.07 as the next 2 sundays guilds won't have time to attend.
  • Alliances disabled.
  • Emperium is now plant type with 500HP.
  • Sanctuary won't heal 777 on Emperium.
  • @die removed from WoE maps.
  • @duel blocked in WoE maps (also battlegrounds and pvp)

NPC Fixes/Updates:

  • Floating Rates System:
    • Rates now change at specific times. Times are also listed at the NPC and do not clash with WoE.
      • 01:00, 04:00, 07:00, 10:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00, 22:00 @time
  • Revival System:
    • Will now give Master Revival Token.
      • Those that did not receive a Token upon Master Revival please check the "Item Collection" NPC in @go 0, next to the PvP NPC. (will be given out max 30 mins after maint. have to do it manually.)
    • Custom Weapons implemented:
      • More weapons will be added with upcoming updates. We have one planned for each class.
      • xqulZ5I.pngAscension Staff [0] - High Priest
      • Custom Weapon preview:


  • Gold Rush: 
    • Chance of getting items raised.
    • Listed the times when Gold Rush triggers to npc.
    • Fixed 1GC reward to 10GC reward.
  • Fishing:
    • Fishing Rod zeny requirement decreased from 5.000.000z to 3.500.000z
    • Fishing will now have a small chance of dropping Gold Coins and Gold Coin Bags (1-5 GC).
    • Costume Headgear requirements reduced from 50~100 to 15~50 depending on the headgear.
      • *Costume Water Spellcaster is an Aura(lower hg slot!) and requires 15 Gold Fish obtainable from Gold Amber. 
    • New Costume Headgears added:
      • BSSGoPR.gif Costume Rose Corsage added.
      • PuV6Fje.gif Costume Butterfly Hairpin added.
      • 3Dn8P9P.png Costume Aqua Ten Gallon Hat added.
      • BjPrqMB.png Costume Penguin Cap added.
      • JaeZwy9.png Costume Watery Eyes added.
    • s48mdTx.png Master Baiter's Crate will be given out to #1 ranked fishing master every Friday, 23:15 @time and gives one of the listed items:
      • Bubble Gum, Enriched Elunium, Enriched Oridecon, Gym Pass, Bloody Branch, Name Change Coupon, Universal Taming Scroll, HE Bubble Gum, Insurance, All in One Ring Box, Token of Siegfried Box and our custom skin tones!!
  • Mining:
    • Costume Headgears Mithril requirement reduced from 400 to 30~50 depending on the headgear.
      • 50 Pick Axe will cost around 300k and you will end up with roughly 10 Mithril if you're not super unlucky. (daifuku tested)
    • Pet Egg Mithril requirement reduced from 200 to 50. 
    • Bradium Fragment Mithril requirement reduced from 50 to 10.
    • Mining will now have a small chance of dropping Gold Coins and Gold Coin Bags (1-5 GC).
    • Mithril Ore conversion rate changed from 10:1 to 5:1.
    • New Costume Headgears added:
      • tDGk5wD.gif Costume Ancient Horns added.
      • 2JO766j.gif Costume Circlet of Bones added.
      • RH4YYEf.png Costume Double Horn Helm added.
      • M6Sx3rh.gif Costume Crown of Victory added.
      • VcIZtOd.gif Costume Anniversary Crown added.
  • Bradium Smuggler in dicastes01,92,133,6 now only asks for 3 Bradium Fragment from Mining instead of 20. 
  • King of Emperium:
    All members left on the King of Emperium map will receive the reward. If you died/are not on the map when KoE ends you will not be rewarded.
    • KoE reward changed. You will now get a T67IbTZ.gif Huskarl Crate which gives you one random item from the list below:
      • Enriched Elunium 1x
      • Enriched Oridecon 1x
      • Token of Siegfried Box (10) 1x
      • Bloody Branch 1x
      • Old Card Album 1x
      • Bubble Gum 1x
      • Yggdrasil Seed Box (30) 1x
      • Convex Mirror 1x
    • KoE times changed: (servertime, use @time ingame)
      • 14:15 (2:15PM) 
      • 23:15 (11:15PM)
  • Headgear Quests:
    • NbFaiqf.gif Coppola [0] added.
    • uiP1qkQ.gif Dragon Skull [0] added.
    • V1cN4KH.gif Pink Pajamas Hat [0] added.
    • Zj44yiL.gif Blue Pajamas Hat [0] added.
    • U8HZOkY.gif Power of Thor [1] added.
    • zC33I69.gif Soldier Hat [1] added.

Item Fixes/Updates:

  • BG Winter Case does not give 100 apples anymore.
  • Unidentified Mineral can now be sold to npc.
  • Xmas Orc egg is now fixed.
  • Sheep Hat Description and trade flags fixed.

Skill Fixes/Updates:

  • Charge Attack won't go over small walls anymore.
  • Asura can now be snap dodged.

Misc Fixes/Updates:

  • @partyinfo added.
    • pHawgQd.png
  • Fixed some text typos in npcs.
  • Forum software updated.
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Changelog completed. Server is now under maintenance, we'll inform you once the server is back up. 

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