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[Changelog] 2017.12.28

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis: 

We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 28 December 2017 at [UTC-5] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. 
Use @time in-game. The server will be down for 15-60 minutes.



  • Double EXP & DROP Event - WOO YAY! :wow:


    There will be a double exp and drop event INCLUDING MVP CARDS!!!! :gruh: 
    starting from 2017.12.28 until 2018.01.02 5pm @time to celebrate the first three months of Ragnaclan! 
    .. and the new year of course. ♥ We hope you will enjoy the hunting fest.

    Together went through some ups and downs but the ride has been a good one since the opening on October 1st.
    We will continue working hard and advertise the server to get more players to join our wonderful home; Ragnaclan. 

    Please give your best as well and tell your friends to join us on our adventure!




    We will be giving out Starter and Loyalty Packs until 2018.01.13! 
    Please talk to Giveaway Packages NPC in prontera,167,188 to pick up your package that we prepared for you ♥
    The package you will receive is determined by the creation date of your account.
    This system is unique ID + account bound. The items are tradeable though.
  • If you account was made before December 28 you will get the December 28 package.
  • If you account was made before December 1st you will get the December 1 and December 28 packages.
  • If your account was made before November 1st you will get all 3 packages.
  • Starter Packages can be claimed by anyone but they are mainly designed to help new players coming to the server.



    We will do a donation promo and add 30% on top of all donations made starting today until 2018.01.02!
    The minimum donated amount has to be 7$ for this offer to be valid. 

    If you want to support Ragnaclan and help us with paid ads on Facebook & Co. [click here]
    The bonus is already applied on the website.


Maintenance 2017.12.28

Cash Shop Fixes/Updates:

  • d4PtVOT.gif Aesir Crate:
    • Sweetheart Gum of Mouth added.
    • Charming Ribbon removed.
  • Fishing Starter Box added.
  • Skin Colors moved to "Other" category.

War of Emperium Fixes/Updates:

  • New costumes to participation shop added:
    • TjznFOe.png Costume: Oliver Wolf Hood
    • QFBU2NE.png Costume: Black Musang Hat
    • jZDLGJn.pngCostume: Heart Wing Hairband
    • VYNOSRx.pngCostume: Five Colored Feathers
    • gE0nM41.png Costume: Rabbit Magic Hat
    • 2KH7NN5.png Costume: Marcher Hat
    • mSh4Dpv.png Costume: Magician's Night Cap
    • Ugs3BEs.pngCostume: Tarlock's Hat
    • 5dxgPGJ.png Costume: Galanthus Guard
  • Prices of costumes have been reduced to 20.
  • WoE Participation Shop and Rental Shop merged into one NPC and moved (prontera,145,199).

Battleground Fixes/Updates:

  • BG Headgear Shop:
    • IYB7HUv.gif RWC 2008 Dragon Helm Copper [1] added.

NPC Fixes/Updates:

  • Clan Mission Board 71-85 adjusted, quest text was quite irritating.
  • Guild Binder now gives a warning that bound items will vanish if guild disbands.
  • Independant Banker NPC in @go clan added.
    • The Zeny stored there will be separate from the Bank tab, this allows you to store up to 4bil per account.
  • Item Collection moved to new location (prontera,138,224)
  • Vote Shop Preview option added and moved to new location (prontera,125,211) 
  • Noviceground:
    • Moved Exit portal a little bit forward so it is more accesible without turning the camera.
    • Noviceground skip added to Shion.
    • Updated Instructor Roy.
    • New freebie added:
      • BIhFhBv.png Costume: Beginner Cap giving following stats:

         Script: <"
          if(BaseLevel<80) {
           bonus bHit,30-(3*(BaseLevel/10));
           bonus bMaxHP,1000-(100*(BaseLevel/10));
           bonus bMaxSP,200-(20*(BaseLevel/10));
           bonus bVariableCastrate,-10+(BaseLevel/10);
           bonus bHealPower,150-(10*(BaseLevel/10));
           bonus bHealPower2,10*(BaseLevel/10);
           bonus bAddItemHealRate,10*(BaseLevel/10);

  • Revival System:
    • Custom Weapons implemented.
      • k29ZNIklySCIaY6HyshJiR2W7ssFpXxpVUKvX3RGQkfl7JCLoD6BMvmOzEaeuWZ2eJcO-x39RzuOYrdpfktSah-gERvU2TPUnZ3J3bSKf_W520_h97ygpwVKc8N5mW4DmrYP6fb7Brave Sword [2]


  • Fishing System:
    • Scuba Mask cost reduced.
    • Now level 2 and 3 Fishing will give Gold Coins instead of just level 3.
    • New pet added:
      • v3j4Pq9.png Angry Penguin
      • RDBmOUQ.png Aquaring
    • Fishing pets now give stats:
      • Aquaring - HP +30, SP +10, Water Resistance +3%
      • Angry Penguin - HP +10, SP +30, Water Resistance +3%
  • Mining System:
    • New pet added:
      • z6JwrHW.png Mineraling 
    • Mining pets now give stats:
      • Mythlit Egg - Exp +5%
      • Amelit Egg - Exp +5%
      • Emelit Egg - Exp +5%
      • Rubylit Egg - Exp +5%
      • Sapphilit Egg - Exp +5%
      • Topalit Egg - Exp +5%
      • Mineraling Egg - Exp +5% 
  • PvP System:
    • A new shop has been added to PvP NPC with the following items for Skulls:
      • 3vD2PP5.png Costume: Fallen Angel Lost
      • PCPLQc0.png Costume: Cintamani Dragon Hat in 4 different colors added.
      • 9aUmFOa.png Costume: Loki & Nydhoggur Doll
      • qYFLtJT.png Costume: Man's Medal
    • PvP Aura in @go clan (clangroup,250,54,6) now charges 100 Skulls for an aura.
      • This change was made due to aura list being released and skulls losing value.
  • Special Features/Zeny Shop: (@go clan, at fountain)
    • Weapon Unequip Dagger to Special Zeny Shop added.
    • New MvP Zeny Pets added:
      • Each MvP Costs 10 mil, 7.5 with discount
      • Ygnizem ( MDEF+1, Demi Human Resistance +1% )
      • Turtle General ( ATK +2%,MATK damage to Demi Human +2% )
      • Orc Lord ( STR +1, DEX +1 )
      • Osiris ( ATK/MATK +1%, HP/SP -3% )
      • Pharaoh ( CRIT +3, LUK -1 )
      • Pet stats are copies of existing pets, they just look cool and consume BG badges for food.

Item Updates/Fixes:

  • Benevolent Guardian Healing Effectiveness fixed.
  • Yggdrasil Box (30) (ID: 12534) is no longer an unknown item 
  • Parade Hat (ID: 5225) fixed - Heal will now lex aeterna any target (10% chance)
  • Scarf (ID: 5322) will now be called "Kerchief"
  • Air Pirate's Bandana (ID:5277) now called "Yellow Bandana"
  • Irene Elder Pet Bonus description fixed.
  • The following item have their trade restriction edited (All restriction lifted except No sell to npc):
    • - Bunny Top Hat
    • - Fantastic Pumpkin Head
    • - Fishing Rod
    • - Fising Scubamask
    • - Fisherman's Suit
    • - Fisherman's Boots
    • - Fisherman's Muffler
    • - Fisherman's Hat
    • - Small Fishing Rod
    • - Lure
    • - Megaphone
    • - Observer
    • - Parade Hat
    • - Radio Antenna
    • - Scarf (Kerchief)
    • - Shafka
    • - Sheep Hat
    • - Weird Pumpkin Hat
    • - Yellow Bandana
    • - Seal of Continental Guard
    • - Rune Spellstone
    • - Death Loop

Misc Updates/Fixes:

  • Config Enabled for pet attack when the owner attacks a monster.
  • Pets will now show their food on their egg description.
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Changelog is now complete. Please check out our Starter & Loyalty Packages such as the Double Rates topics!

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