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[Changelog] 2018.01.25

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis: 

We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 25 January 2018 at [UTC-5] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. 
Use @time in-game. The server will be down for 15-60+ minutes.



If you patch your client you will notice that there is now a third connection available. This connection is for the test server.
[click here] for the full topic. Please read it carefully and help us finish up the new client with all its features.



Daily Login Rewards implemented. 

  • How to claim:
    • You can use @npc dailyreward or simply @go 0 and walk a few cells to the right.
    • You need to be online for 60 minutes if you want to claim your reward.
    • Relog or getting disconnected will cause your timer to reset. So try to avoid that if you want to claim your reward fast. :wink2:
  • List of items: 




Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis:
We would like to introduce our new upcoming event:
Introduce your friends - or maybe a whole guild!

Please read more about it [click here]


l5m34pF.png Cash Shop Fixes/Updates:
Attention! Bigger changes will be applied to the cash shop.


  • Hersir Crate has been removed. *can still be obtained from Gold Rush.
  • Merkis Crate has been removed. *can still be obtained from Gold Rush.
  • Aesir Crate has been removed. *can still be obtained from Gold Rush.
  • Starter Bundle removed. *can still be obtained from Master Revival.
  • Added headgears at fixed CP amount into cash shop. *most of them can be obtained from BG.



  • Added costume headgear boxes.


  •  Added equipments: *can be obtained from Master Revival.


  • Added some scrolls into cash shop. *most can be obtained from daily login.


  • Gym Pass Box reduced from 5000 to 4500 CP.
  • Added some more usable items. *most can be obtained from daily login, gold rush or gold amber.


Battleground Fixes/Updates:

  • BG Case decription fixed.
  • BG Case badge amount fixed.

NPC Fixes/Updates:

  • Instances:
    • Added new headgears to Wolfchev Laboratory.
    • Added new headgears to Sara's Memory and gave "Leon the Adventurer" a proper shop to purchase items off.
    • Added new headgears to Ghost Palace.
  • Revival System:
    • Master Revival Equipment now asks for 5 Essence Flask instead of 3.
    •  0n4SZXdEuGqEHPuNyH7VN3Ph5Tkq6ARYFXPGWw85Sox5zieNAp1yMpVzHQ-lZjS5y1jQa6eU5DIkd8DCkDQ85bstrNI1EAOYQ8vDHEQ4whcYMQFa93ytGgu05W12WSFQefdLhaTE Hela’s Whip [3]


    •  ODTVjYN9UoPVgfHhP149xjWuLwMnkYNUaAWfj8GmDnKwyhQTRsXRXyQMM5HswecLYSLg3uqv-W7upvCMA9t52OvBRonZfsDTZk9mvdRdLNvJdlIkSZtnzRYZnCPqeQK0yRUrAKUcTactical Visor [0]


    • -KMXzOTRLU88uRAvStwvj9cdzbobZMQTso9jB9iFzqPzZHT2PKLvzEZj0tz5L_oh2Xxv7MbDZsVpK7IExlDZkUx8UX9EHZDX5Cg4qm4l940heRJbgzPhXknY9YGHtxVWeYY2AWk2 Exotic Lute [3]


  • Skill+Status reset on level 99 will now cost 190.000z.
  • PvP Warper renamed to PvP Manager
    • PvP Manager now also offers Skulls for Auras, Aura Merchant in @go clan has therefore been removed.
  • Housing NPC has been moved to clangroup,250,54 use @npc Housing to teleport there.
    • S9WVCPK.png
  • Lottery will now charge 250.000z for zeny lottery and 3 Gold Coins for gc lottery.
  • Name Changer will now charge 2.500.000z.
  • RotD Info Message when killing a mob has been removed.
  • Redundant npcs in @go clan have been removed. (bartender/eres)
  • Global broadcast tips updated.

Misc Updates/Fixes:

  • @npc "name" command added. You can now jump to npcs from towns.
    • For a list of available npcs just type in @npc


  • @resist command added to special features npc in @go clan.
    • You can rent the command for 100.000z.


  • @request updated. Will now give notice that suggestions have to be made in the forum.
  • @event updated.


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Changelog is now complete. 
We are getting ready and will finish the maintenance shortly. Please read the changelog and make sure to ask if you have any questions!
For feedback please open a topic [click here]

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Hello, the finish up of our maintenance took a bit longer than expected.
Some extra adjustments have been made: 
- Scuba Mask can not be refined.
- Removed refine-bonus from Tactical Visor [0].

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