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[News] Test Server and New Client

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :heh:
If you patch your client you will notice that there is now a third connection available. This connection is for the test server.

Now the test server has quite a few differences. 

  1. It does not use gepard - this is because the client was prepared by us. We would love it if you would test this client. Due to this however, you cannot launch the test server from your normal Ragnaclan folder.
    • You must download the link provided and extract it to a new folder. 
    • You must copy data.grf from your normal ragnaclan and move it to this new folder
    • You can patch this client just like you patch your normal client
  2. Why don't we make the test server have gepard protection? 
    • Simple, this is where we test things. We cannot wait for the gepard developer to re-send us the client every time we make edits to it. Once edits have been confirmed and tested by you guys, we then send the files to him so we can apply the changes to the main server.
  3. We have applied fast refresh to it, removed chat restrictions, fixed BG emblems and a few other edits. 
  4. You will have the commands Zeny and Cash
  5. All rates are increased to above 1000x so that you can just get what ever you need
  6. The test server has the latest and updates source files that we have not applied on the main server yet. This is mainly why we are making this public. Everything from storage and skills to inventories have been re-written and re-optimized. We need you to try and break the test server so we can fix any issues. We will allow for 2 weeks of testing before we apply these changes to the main server. 

Things we need to be tested in detail:

  • Restock - due to so many source changes in the storage area, heavy edits to the restock functions had to be made. We have done some extensive testing on this, but we do need your help to make sure it all works.
  • Storage and guild storage. We need you to basically try and find ways to break this. Stuff like opening storage and doing things at the same time. Closing and using items and things of the sort. We tried breaking it, but we know you guys will come up with a lot more creative ways to stress the crap out of it.
  • Basic NPCs. A lot of NPC structure changes also happened. Nearly 200 NPCs had to be edited to fit the new formats. Basically if you can see the NPC, it probably had some code change inside it. We just want to make sure nothing weird happens like getting stuck in chat or randomly crashing you.
  • Item database revamp. Oh gosh, this just took so long. Due to an insane amount of new features to the items, we had to restructure our entire item database. Everything from item appearances to item scripts had to be re-written. Items had to be moved from 1 database to another and even monster drops had to be re-edited. This is why we did not enable @item to you guys. We want you to test existing items and not generate items we know for a fact are broken. Rates have been increased so using that and cash and zeny commands, you should be able to pretty much make any item in the game.

Why this major source update?

  • Source changes are extremely important to an evolving and growing server. They optimize functions so things don't lag the server. The bigger the server is, the more impact this has. Things that do not effect a server with 200 players can make the serer unplayable at 500 players. As we have been seeing a steady growth all month long, we think it's better to do this now than wait for a later date when it's too late. In the last big maintenance,we also took several hours to optimize our database and re-partition the server so it can handle a growing player base. One example of this is how storage is run now. It used to run a lot of unnecessary sql queries, so the entire function was optimized that greatly reduces the number of queries going to the database. For a server with 200 players there is no difference. But double or triple that number and with extended storages now that becomes an issue. 
  • New features.
    • Remeber how RO used to have mail. Well now there is ROdex, it's the new mail. We haven't enabled it on the test server yet, but it's there and working. We want to make sure the existing stuff is working first before we start testing this. But the mail feature is coming back.
    • Creative AI for custom monsters. New monster functions will allow us to be a lot more creative with monsters. We can allow them dynamic responses to player actions, edit everything from their HP to their elemental resistance during fights, have them work in teams and respond to players as a group and things like that. Future instances are going to be a lot more challenging, in a new way. We don't have to just increase their HP and attack power. We can actually make the monsters interesting and not just 2 dimensional. As of right now, very few monsters are creative, they have a very basic pattern, tons of hp and high attack. 
    • Item bonuses. This is also a really fun addon we are planning to utilize in the clan system. We recently added enchanting the BG weapons. That is just stage one of what we have planned to give weapons new types of bonuses that will allow boosts to different types of gameplay. Certain styles of playing RO have died out due to new items and skills that make the old styles obsolete. With these new types of buffs to items, we hope to revive some of those old styles that some of enjoyed so much without messing up the gameplay. 
  • Future purposes. Updating the source now allows for a quick merge of new features. If herc adds something new, we already have the source prepared for it. We just got to merge those new edits and we are ready to implement. Recently it has become incredibly difficult to add new shiny things because we had to make custom source edits to support that. 

So, how do you connect to the test server?


Just download this and extract to a new folder, copy your data.grf to that new folder and you are good to go. 

To make an account on the test server, the first time you log in you add _m to your username for a male account and _f for a female account. 

So for example I would put in ragnaclan_m for a male account named ragnaclan. 

Note: This is a test server mainly for us to test scripts and edits. As a result we are under no obligation to keep this online 24/7. Sometimes it can be down for days when making major edits. It will go down without warnings and accounts on there can be wiped without warning. It is 90% there to help us test things before we make them live. The other 10% is to allow you to test builds and stuff you may not want to hunt on main until you try it first.

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